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Driving Sales and Brand building For our clients since 2007


Genius Theme Sdn Bhd is a sales and marketing company that was formed in 2007. We focus our efforts on marketing initiatives, events and road shows throughout the Malaysia with emphasis on driving sales and brand building for our clients.


Since 2009, we had diversified and expanded our repertoire to Beauty and Healthcare industry. We are dedicated to bringing customers the finest in skin & healthcare products, particularly those of all-natural ingredients; we created d’angelique for skincare and d’Vinity for consumable healthcare.


Proven with results, d’angelique and d’Vinity will certainly not disappoint. We are now building our distribution network within beauty salons and pharmacies nationwide and envision success throughout South East Asia in near future. Genius Theme Sdn Bhd is determined to bringing customers more high quality and innovative products that meet the demand of the modern individuals today.


Genius Theme Sdn Bhd是个成立于2007年,我们 透过各种营销活动/销售活动等等,为我们的客户推动销售和品牌建设的公司。


直到2009年,我们已经多元化,扩大了我们的美容及保健行业。我们致力于为客户带来全天然成分的护肤品及健康食品;  我们创建了安琪丽于护肤品和d’ Vinity于健康食品。


近年来,我们的产品已成功分布到全国各地区的美容院和药店。也跟随着时代的进步,安琪丽和d’ Vinity透过网络的平台,成功的让更多人认识了我们的品牌,也帮助客户解决了许多肌肤的各种问题,让客户肌肤重获新生,重获自信!我们的品牌获得更多的肯定。





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