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Demodex are parasitic mites thriving in hair follicles and facial pores. They are the No.1 enemy to beautiful facial skin. Yet in accordance to scientific studies, more than 90% of adults have Demodex on their facial regions. So it is highly probable your face is also being infected by Demodex.

Demodex create havoc to skin health and beauty. This beauty product Aqua Perfecto comes to your rescue. By applying Aqua Perfecto regularly onto your facial skin. It can effectively inhibit Demodex activity, this eliminating Demodex infection on your face.

All these functions consequently lead to improved skin elasticity, brightened skin complexion and delayed wrinkles appearance and skin ageing.

Phymatous Rosacea (inflamed skin and thickening of nodularities around the nose) is a Demodex infection. This Demodex infection affects more on males. To treat this nose infection, apply this serum 2 times a day regularly. Use this Aqua Perfecto for a longer period to treat this infection effectively.

Besides, d’angelique Aqua Perfecto also has other important functions:-

-Removes thoroughly cosmetic and skincare residues

-Promotes cells rejuvenating

-Moisturizes skin

-Enhances skin sebaceous balance

-Reduces ultra-violet rays damages

-Reduces harmful effects of free radicals

-Promotes facial blood vessels circulation




此外d’angelique Aqua Perfecto 还有其他功效:-











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