d’angelique III – Age Defying Solution

Product of Switzerland


Bursting with energizing ingredient, Oleyl Alcohol & Dioscorea Villosa Root Extract & Glycine Soja Sterols enhance the age lock formation for this Age Defying Solution.Effectively eliminate wrinkles, repair, restore and revive skin to its best condition.Enrich with Placenta Protein will promotes nourishment, improve skins metabolism, brighten dull skin tone and eliminates fine lines.

Ceramide III existed in the extracellular lipid of horny cells, it functions as skin’s natural protective barrier of retaining moisture and maintaining the structure integrity of horny layer. As age increases, the amount of ceramide in extracellular lipid decreases. To replenish ceramide is essential to sustaining healthy lipid barrier function, preventing from the environmental influences, and maintaining youthful and energetic skin, as well as strengthening immune ability.




Oleyl Alcohol & Dioscorea Villosa Root Extract & Glycine Soja Sterols




Product name : d’angelique III – Age Defying Solution

Size :  3 x  10ml

Price : (WM) RM699 (EM) RM705

How to use :  Apply generously wipe gently in upward movements over skin after tonic lotion. Twice daily

产品名 :逆龄浓缩精华素

分量 : 3 x 10毫升

价位 : (西马) RM699 (东马) RM705

用法 :化妆水后 ,取适量均匀涂抹于脸上 。早晚两次

“Turn Back the Clock & Embrace The Younger You”

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