d’angelique Opti-Smooth Magic Cream

Product of Switzerland


d’angelique Opti-Smooth Magic Cream is formulated to provide excellent coverage as a foundation as well as to regenerate your skin. Protects and covers skin from freckles, fine lines and dark spots, leaving skin fresh and natural. It contains ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement and cultivate brighter and elastic skin.

d’angelique Opti-Smooth Magic Cream also protect your skin from sun exposure thoroughly by intercepting ultraviolet rays UV A and B simultaneously. Not only this, it contains porosity powder which is excellent in sebum control, keeping skin matte for hours.


d’angelique Opti-Smooth Magic Cream SPF35 安琪丽防晒遮瑕霜~ 防晒要趁早,一旦晒黑就很难白回来!!


d’angelique Opti-Smooth Magic Cream SPF35 安琪丽防晒遮瑕霜擦了会有粉嫩的感觉,正确方式要用一层保湿然后才涂上就会有亮的感觉,还能修正肌肤瑕疵明显减少皱纹。



Product name : d’angelique Opti-Smo0th Magic Cream SPF35

Size : 20ml

How to use : Smooth generous amount over face and neck after applying moisturizer.

产品名:SPF35 防晒遮瑕霜



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